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Blocked Drains Services in Strathmore

Searching for reliable plumbing services to repair your blocked drains in Strathmore? We are at your service. With over two decades of experience in handling all kinds of plumbing challenges, VCM Plumbing is poised to efficiently manage blocked drains and toilets in Strathmore. We are committed to providing plumbing services at affordable rates to ensure that everyone gets access to quality solutions.

Our services stand out from the crowd due to these aspects:
  • Free call out fees*
  • Upfront pricing with zero hidden charges
  • 20 years of plumbing experience
  • 24/7 availability of emergency plumbing services

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Blocked drains in Strathmore? We can help

Trying to fix blocked drains in Strathmore can seem like an impossible task. It can disrupt your routine and end up creating a huge mess. So, when faced by a blocked drain, be smart and call the experts right away. At VCM Plumbing, our plumbing professionals have the tools and expertise to handle all kinds of blocked drains issues in Strathmore.  

Some of our core services designed to fix blocked toilets in Strathmore are:

Blocked drains: Ignoring a blocked drain or trying to fix it on your own may often lead to complicating the issue further. In worst case scenarios, it may also cause pipe breakage that demand expensive repairs. To prevent such calamities, give us a call. The extensive experience in dealing with blocked drains in Strathmore equips our plumbers to provide exceptional results at cost-effective rates.

Hydro-jetting: To eliminate stubborn blockages that do not respond to traditional techniques, we utilise hydro-jetting. This is an advanced method that involves the use of highly-pressurised water to effectively blast away blockages.

Pipe repairs and drain re-lining: While simple repairs may help your pipes to function on a short-term basis, we encourage more durable solutions such as drain re-lining that will keep your plumbing network working flawlessly for years.

Drain and pipe replacements: If repairs are unlikely to totally resolve your plumbing issues, we will offer you a comprehensive array of replacement services guaranteed to offer long-term relief from drainage problems.

CCTV camera inspections: To precisely locate blockage sites and design customised repair solutions, we leverage the potential of CCTV camera inspections.

Blocked Drains Services

Blocked Drains & CCTV Camera Inspections Services in Strathmore

Blocked Toilet in Strathmore

VCM Plumbing can save the day if you are having a hard time with a blocked toilet in your Strathmore home. Our team of plumbing experts are equipped to handle plumbing emergencies and maintenance repairs at cost-effective rates. In addition, our plumbers also specialise in comprehensive sewage repairs and sewage plumbing geared to help ensure that your plumbing network functions impeccably in the long run.

What makes VCM plumbing the best?

To cater to all your plumbing-relate needs, VCM Plumbing brings you a comprehensive range of services. Not sure how to manage tree roots in drains? Looking for experienced sewage plumbers to handle blockage issues? We have the expertise to deal with plumbing problems across all strata. The core services we offer include:

Tap repairs and leaking pipes: Remember to give us a call if your taps or pipes begin leaking or malfunctioning.

Hot water installation and repairs: When it comes to installing a new system or repairing the current one, get in touch with us for optimal results.

Maintenance and general plumbing: Trust our plumbing professionals to effectively manage maintenance and general plumbing tasks without causing any inconvenience to your household.

To ensure that our services reach every corner of the society, we keep our costs very reasonable. By offering transparent pricing with zero hidden charges, we ensure that you do not have to worry about the cost factor while choosing the best for your plumbing system. Get in touch with us today for the latest updates on our services and pricing.

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